Why Should I Volunteer?

Why Should I Volunteer

There is a dire need for volunteers at your local fire house. Nationally, about 85 percent of fire companies are staffed entirely or mostly by volunteers. Without enough volunteers, it is difficult for a fire company to run smoothly and efficiently to keep its community safe. Your local Lancaster County, Pa. fire department or company needs you to help in any way you can. Your effort can go a long way in assuring safety and protection for the community. Volunteering also comes with many benefits for YOU:

No experience is necessary. We offer all the training you need that will help you to safely realize your passion and develop your skills –from determining the right tools and techniques to fight a fire to staying calm in chaotic situations to using the most state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll gain the skills you need to make a difference.

To protect your community and experience the unique camaraderie of a fire company, volunteer today! 

Become a Volunteer

YOU can save lives in your community, bring calm to chaotic fire and accident scenes, or lend your talents back at the fire station.

We are ready to provide you with free training and the apparatus and equipment you’ll need.